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Based in Québec City and armed with an English literature Masters' degree, Karianne Giard hopes to become a published author. With a large collection of books available on the writing platform Wattpad under the username DarknessAndLight, she has built a substantial fanbase. When she's not writing, she is fangirling about comicbooks and furiously crocheting.

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The Answers You Need

Is I Sold Myself to the Devil… l Pitiful I Know based on your life?

While a lot of the characters and events are inspired from things in my life, I Sold... is not a biography. I am not Lexi. I actually always sort of thought that Blake is closer to my personality than Lexi is.

Will you ever publish I Sold Myself to the Devil… Pitiful I Know?

For the moment, I am still in the process of editing it. Once I’m done editing, I would like to start a Kickstarter where you could pre-order the book because I don’t want to put it up on Amazon. I would have it printed from a small press and then send it to you guys myself. I will keep you guys updated about my process on this website and on Wattpad.

Will you ever finish (insert title)?

Any of my stories that are up on Wattpad, I plan on finishing. It might take a while, it might not go as fast as you guys would want it, but I do plan on finishing everything. At the moment, I’m on a strict no new story until I have completely at least three rule. At this present date, the stories I specifically want to finish are The Spawns and Life in Paintings.

Can you read my stories and give me advice?

I would love to have the time to read everyone’s story, but the thing is, at the moment, I barely have time to write my own stories. I can’t afford to use my very limited free time to critique everyone’s work. In the future, I would love to take the time to read some of your stories and that is something I’m looking into offering. I will keep you updated on this issue, but for the moment, the answer is unfortunately no. 

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