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Monday Rambling - 2021 Planning and Writing Spree

Hey guys,

So this is my last Monday Rambling of 2020. I want to say something like yay we survived it, but I will not underestimate 2020 and the possibility of it wrecking the world even more in its remaining few days.

Our government here shut everything down from December 25th till January 11th, so my working schedule is kind of all over the place. I still need to take care of orders and such, but we can't have clients, so that gives me a very flexible work schedule. Because of that I've used the last few days to start doing some planning for the next year. I want to start 2021 taking concrete steps towards living off of my writing. I'm trying to have a writing schedule for Wattpad updates and a more planned Instagram posts schedule so I have a more consistent presence on my social media. And there's of course my Patreon that I want to put online.

I'm often out of the loop with my social medias, especially Instagram. I always feel like you guys want less of me, not more. This is something I seriously need to work on. I might not have the best self esteem in the world.

Aside from working on a schedule for all my posts in 2021, I've also taken the time to write. I've written for Smirking Jerk, Weird and Weirder, Life in Paintings and The Virgin and the Whore.

I'm hoping on having chapters up for these stories real soon. (not Smirking Jerk though, because that's a different plan).

Are there any other stories of mine you'd like to see updates from? I'm hoping that 2021 can be a good year in terms of uploading. I want to finish more stories and hopefully have an actual clear uploading schedule that I will follow.

Speaking of which, I should go back to writing those stories. I hope 2020 ends on a good notes for you guys and that 2021 will be a good year for all of us.

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