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Monday Rambling - Among Us and Jinx

Hi guys,

I hope everyone is doing good. As always, thanks for sticking around. This week I've been a little useless. I started to play Among Us.

It was a very bad idea. I went to bed at like 5AM yesterday because I lost track of time and I was having too much fun. I should have been writing. I should have been doing something productive. I obviously didn't. Any of you guys play? It would be fun to do a game with you if you do. Not to shoot my own horn but I'm not too bad an Imposter. Being a storyteller means I'm pretty good at lying.

I have a problem with going obsessive over stuff. I'm that way with the Sims too. I spent most, if not all, of my quarantine buying packs and playing Sims. It's another obsession of mine. Are you guys obsessed with some games too?

Otherwise, if I hadn't been losing my time on a silly online game, I would have been writing... Smirking Jerk!

Yeah. I haven't had that many UPLOAD SMIRKING JERK YOU USELESS SOCK messages lately so I've been kind of feeling it. I've written about half a chapter. I'll be working on that and Life in Paintings this week. Let's hope mentioning the fact that I was in a Smirking Jerk writing mood not be jinxed. And then I think I'll be writing some more stuff for Nik. I miss him.

So yeah, that's pretty much what's up. Hopefully I can stop wasting time on my phone and start spending more time writing.

See you guys soon!

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Angelica Hanley
Angelica Hanley

Ooh I’ve been obsessed with Among Us too, I was literally just playing it!! And yeah it would be kinda cool if you created a game with your followers lol

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