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Monday Rambling - Back to Normal and Uploading

Hey guys,

So, my quarantine is officially over, and I'm going back to work tomorrow.

I didn't do a live reading yesterday because I didn't have time to prepare much for it, and I just didn't want to rush it. So, the next live reading will be next weekend and I'll be reading two chapters instead of one to make up for the delays.

It just kind of sucks that all my beautiful uploading and writing plans of November were completely destroyed. I was doing so good.

I will try to upload something soon-ish. Weird and Weirder most probably, and of course, new Pitiful I Know chapters. Maybe some Life in Paintings. I put my new NaNoWriMo project on the bench for now. Hopefully I can get back to it. I was having a lot of fun writing it. Maybe it'll be a 2021 goal.

Like, I literally did no writing during my quarantine. I was a useless mess. I mean, I think I was entitled to be one, but I still felt... like bad about it. Bad about not writing when I have a sickness that's basically derailed the whole world. It's weird to be a writer on the internet. Like, I always feel bad about not uploading, but technically I don't owe anyone anything and I get nothing out of it. It's just a really weird position to be in.

Let's keep on dreaming that one day writing can be my actual day job.

As always, thanks for your patience and support. Love you guys!

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