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Monday Rambling - City Mourning and Goal Reaching

Hi everyone.

To all my fellow Quebeckers, I hope you guys are okay, and safe and unaffected by the events that occurred in our province's capital city this weekend. We've been getting so much shit in the last year, we really didn't need that, especially on Halloween, when the kids were trying to have one night where they could go out.

I hate the fact that now all my friends are feeling unsafe in our city, when we've never felt that way before. Quebec City is more a village than a city. This just ain't right.


Changing subject. NaNoWriMo officially started! I've decided because of reasons, that I was going to work on a new story instead of my old ones.

I wasn't supposed to be doing that, so I have nothing planned. Usually I have more of an idea, and I have like notes and stuff when I start a NaNoWriMo project. This time I literally started with nothing.

I hope I won't catastrophically fail.

I'll start uploading the story once I have more stuff written, but for now I can tell you that the title is probably going to be Julia’s How-To Royally Lose at a Dating Game Show.

So far, I'm keeping up with my word count, so let's I hope I can manage to actually win at NaNoWriMo.

Going back to writing!

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