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Monday Rambling - Dead Battery and Sim Blake

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I did my weekly live reading of Pitiful I Know, and because I rambled for too long, my phone died, and for a little while there, I was sure I had lost the live. It happened once before, I clicked on the wrong thing and wasn't able to share it. Fortunately, Instagram has finally understood the fact that some people (me) are bad with technology, and I found it saved away on my phone.

Because of that, I did a second livestream to apologize and chat a little more. And because I decided that I was not going to share the second livestream, I did some major spilling. Now some of you know some things most of you don't.

It was a lot of fun. That why you should try to catch my livestreams when you can. Because if you had yesterday, now you might know Esther's backstory and how Life in Paintings ends.

I also mentioned that I was going to do a re-do of the live reading because I was sure I had lost the original one. Now that I found it, that kind of changes these plans, but I might still do a little livestream during Christmas time, just to chat with you guys. We'll see.

In the livestream we also talked about my love for the Sims and someone brought up the idea of me streaming my Sims game on Twitch, but to do a I Sold Myself edition. So, I would do Sims version of Blake and Lexi and the gang, and their houses and I'd play around with them. I'm actually seriously considering it.

It could be fun! But you might also be tired of seeing me everywhere, so I might not do it too.

Anyway, in the meantime, I hope you guys had a nice weekend, and that you'll have a nice week, and that your Holidays can be nice regardless of everything that's happening around the world.

Take care and Happy Holidays everyone!

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