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Monday Rambling - Failed Plans and Pause

So, yeah. My NaNoWriMo plans sort of went out the window the second I got a phone call after passing the lovely q-tip tickling my brain test.

For those that don't get what I'm saying, I have COVID-19, which is like the weirdest virus I've ever had. Seriously. I've had awful colds and bad infections. This one, this one is just really really weird. I honestly have no idea how I got it. I've been SO careful. I'm a neat freak. I clean my phone twice a day. I wash my hands compulsively. I always wear my mask. I follow the directives and only see the people I live with. I'm seriously confused.

I've been diligently writing all of my posts in the last weeks, and I didn't want to skip today's post, but honestly, I don't have much to say aside from you can take all the precautions you thought would keep you safe and still, not be safe.

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