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Monday Rambling - Headache and Plans

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to get more writing done, but I had a weird headache so I've been a bit useless (has me mentioning an headache made some of you feel some PTSD from Blake's headaches?)

I should have posted this earlier, but yeah, useless. Did you guys have a chance to check out my last Life in Paintings upload? I spend my Sunday writing at a café. At first, I was opening files, but I wasn't feeling any of my stories, but then I started working on LiP and I got in the zone. I've got a few chapters partly written that should be up this week. I might work on it later after posting this. Depends how my head is feeling.

If you ever had writer's block or you're just not feeling a story at a certain time, know that you're not alone. The reason why I have so many on-going series is that I'm easily distracted and sometimes one story just doesn't inspire me at the moment and I'd rather just work on another. Sorry about my whims, but as I mention often, the price to read my stories is your patience.

I also have a few paragraphs written about Life in Paintings, but about Gustave's side of the story. I think I might upload it on here, like some kind of extra content. Would posting extra content on here be something that would interest you guys?

Otherwise, I'm still working on that story for a contest on Wattpad. I only have a couple of days left before it's too late, so I should really focus on that. What kind of teen stories would you guys like to read from me? Contemporary? Paranormal? Any themes?

I should also post something on instagram. Do you guys enjoy when I do my livestreams? I'm never sure if you guys actually enjoy hearing me talk or I just get annoying.

Well, I should leave you alone for now. I'll try to upload more this week. Hopefully I feel less useless tomorrow.

Thanks for putting up with me, and see you guys soon!

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