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Monday Rambling - Jigsaw Puzzle and 3000

Hello everyone,

This year is going to be sad Christmas so Ève and I bought a snowy-themed jigsaw puzzle to keep ourselves busy. Jigsaw puzzles during the holidays is a tradition in my family. Ever year we buy one or two and we set ourselves up at the end of the big dinning table on a huge cardboard to move it once we have to eat. Everybody works on it. We take turns, or sometimes we're like two or three working on a section. Sometimes we'll stay up way too late to finish a part. Some years we're too busy to finish it. But every year we have a jigsaw puzzle.

We play a lot of board games in my family, we're all competitive and bad losers; it's always kind of entertaining. So, it's fun to do something where there are no winners and we're not in competition with each other.

Ève usually helps doing the puzzle, so at least this year won't feel too sad, we'll have that. We're already done doing the outer part. Do you guys have little holiday traditions like that?

In other news, yesterday I hit 3000 followers on Instagram.

I'm really happy about that. I'm really grateful that you guys encourage me and follow me and get along with all of my crazy ideas and projects. Sometimes I'm worried that I might get boring or annoying so the fact that the number goes up and not down helps convince me that you guys aren't done with me yet.

The ultimate goal is to have enough followers on Instagram to be able to have a swipe up in my stories. That's a bit of a farfetched goal though, but who knows, everything is possible.

In the meantime, I'm really grateful for the community I have built on my social medias and I'm so happy that you guys are part of my journey!

With that, I leave you alone for now. See you soon!

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