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Monday Rambling - Lending Books and Neurosis

I keep posting these too late. I am sorry about that. Bad Kay.

So, rambling. This week I just received a copy of a book I bought a while back, A Thousand Pieces of You, that I had to rebuy because I lent it to a friend who ended up moving and I lost touch with her.

Real talk? I don't like lending my books. Why? Because too often people either never give them back to you or give them back in bad conditions. To give you an idea of my neurosis, I work at a comicbook shop. The difference between a comic that's graded CGC 9.6 and 9.8 is superficial at best for someone that doesn't know comics, but in the world of a collector it's a huge difference. So, like, I've been taught to be super careful with everything I handle because pressing your thumb at the wrong place, holding the comic the wrong way can decreased its value exponentially.

But it's not difficult because I've always been super careful with my books. Sometimes I barely open them to not crease the spine. It's problematic really.

So when I lend my book to someone and it comes back creased, with chipped corners and like it's been carried around the bottom of a dirty duffel bag, I kinda want to punch something.

And I hate looking in my library and looking for a book and realizing that I lent it to someone and can't read it. The worse? Not remembering for sure who I gave the book to.

Because I love reading and I love when someone's read the book I read and we can talk about it together. I get super enthusiastic, tell someone to read a book, lend them the book and then the nightmare begins.

So yeah. I think I'm too careful with my books. And I'm too much of a control freak about them. I should probably work on that.

And also work on uploading these posts on time.

Thanks for bearing with me. I shall annoy you again soon.

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