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Monday Rambling - Livestream and Re-Reading

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this Monday post comes a little late. I got sidetracked.

If any of you had the chance, to join in the livestream I did today, you might know we talked about possibly having segments where I read I Sold.. and it sort of got me thinking about the story and I ended up re-reading parts of it, but like further away, parts I haven't had time to edit yet.

Editing I Sold.. always feels like such a daunting task because there's a lot of stuff to correct. Lots of stuff make me cringe. Like, I re-read the part where Daph throws a shirt at a girl working at a clothing store and I'm like why did I write that? Did I think it was funny? Did I think it made the character edgy? I know if I think back on my Wattpad days, and think about the stories I was reading, that kind of behavior was sort of normal. There was a lot of over the top kind of reactions like that. Still, I just don't get why it made sense to me to write something like that. It's just one example of something I just feel doesn't have a place in I Sold.. something I think needs to change in the edits. Also, I really had issues with my your and you're. Like, wow.

So maybe it really would be a good thing to go a read-along, so it might make me work on the editing more.

Would having me read I Sold.. live be something that would interest you? I'm not even sure of the format of something like that. Should I do it in a livestream? Or maybe something like youtube live to make it more accessible?

I'll have to think about that.

In the livestream, I've asked you guys about the kind of content you would like to see. I think I've asked about this here too, but I'll be annoying and ask again. What kind of content would you like to see? This website and all my platforms are as much for you guys as they are for me, so I really want to make stuff that will interest you.

With this in mind, I shall leave you alone now. I've got a Weird and Weirder chapter to finish.

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Marah A.A.
Marah A.A.
Sep 22, 2020

The read-along sounds like a great idea! Maybe a youtube live so we can read on our phones with you ☺☺


Omg I’d be so down for you to do live readings of I sold... I’ve always wanted an audiobook or something of it ever since I read it!!

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