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Monday Rambling - Mishap and Pitiful I Know

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is doing well. Thank you, once again, for indulging my weekly rambling session.

Some of you might have been able to catch the Instagram livestream I did earlier today. I answered questions and came back to an idea that was given to me during the last one I did. Usually I save them and make them available so that people that couldn't catch it can watch it later. Well, this time around, I click on the wrong thing and lost the live. So, I apologize to the ones that missed it.

Since most of you probably missed the live, I wanted to pitch again the idea that was brought to me to read I Sold... and record it. It got me thinking. I could start sharing my edited chapters, upload them again on Wattpad, (under the name Pitiful I Know, so the story feels a bit more professional) and then I'd do maybe an Instagram live, maybe a Youtube video and I'd read the edited chapter, and I'd give comments about the changes I did afterwards. I could do this maybe once a week.

Instagram or Youtube? I'm much more familiar with Instagram videos than Youtube ones, also I don't really have the fancy camera for Youtube videos. But I guess Youtube would be more accessible. I know I asked this earlier, but what do you guys think? Also, would you guys like to have me re-upload the story? The original story would stay there, but you would also have a more polished, better version of it.

Tell me what you think!

Thanks for sticking around!

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1 comentario

Angelica Hanley
Angelica Hanley
06 oct 2020

I’d love for the new edited chapters to be posted!! Also I think Instagram would be better just because you know how to use it but YouTube is good too.

Me gusta
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