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Monday Rambling - Trashy Show and Crocheting

Hey guys,

So I don't have much to ramble about today. I think I already did a lot of rambling yesterday during my livestream. If you want to catch up with my live readings of Pitiful I Know and my crazy rambling you can do it here:

In other news, the trashy show that inspired my NaNoWriMo project just ended. I was happy with the outcome. I really hope I can find time to get back to that project. I was having a lot of fun writing it. I haven't talked much about the actual plot. It's about an overweight girl that auditions and gets pick for a dating reality TV show, so like you follow along her story, with all the twists and turns you'd find in an actual show like that. The real issue I was having with the story is with the too many characters. Also, I want to do like little media adds in the story, so like at the beginning of every chapter there's something like "fake" comments from fans of the show, or articles in website about the show. Little snippets like that.

Just talking about it again makes me want to get back to that project. I really need to stop having so many ideas all the time.

On a different note, I showed my mom how to do pompoms with yarn during a video call today. It was cute. That got me thinking that I need to stop dicking around and get on with my crocheting for the holidays. I always crochet presents for my family so they have homemade stuff. I wanna do little plushies for my nephew and my niece. Aaaaah. Too much stuff to do, so little time.

Well, as always thanks for indulging my silly rambling. I hope you guys are doing great, and that you're taking care of yourselves.

See you soon!

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