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Sunday Reading - Across the Nightingale Floor

Hey guys,

While I was writing this week's Smirking Jerk chapter, I was at the chapter where Lexi is in Blake's library and see his copy of Across the Nightingale Floor, and it just reminded me that I love this series. So, this is what I wanted to suggest this week: the first book from the Tales of the Otori series, Across the Nightingale Floor.

This book is about Takeo, a young boy that grew up in a pacific village, but one day warriors come and slaughter everyone.

What Takeo did not know was that his father was one part of a group called the Tribe, a group of killers really, with supernatural abilities, and that's why these warriors came to destroy them.

Takeo manages to survive the attack and is then taken in by Lord Otori Shigeru, who's got a bit of a revenge plan of his own and will need Takeo's skills, skills that Takeo did not even know he had.

This book is set in a universe loosely inspired by feudal Japan. I know readers give shit to that book because it's not true to real Japanese history, but I just want to remind everyone that this book is not actually set in Japan just very loosely inspired by some aspect of Japanese culture, but it is in no way set in Japan. It's a fantasy world.

And it's a very interesting world. Everybody is flawed in that book and is trying to get revenge or just survive. It's very captivating. I know I almost made myself sick with worry during the end of that series, in the last book.

So, if you want to get invested in a like 5+ books series, I suggest picking up that book!

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