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Sunday Reading - Beastly

Hey guys,

With today's reading suggestion, I wanted to go with a favourite of mine, and that's Beastly by Alex Flinn.

Beastly is modern retelling of the tale of Beauty and the Beast in the Beast's point of view.

Kyle is a rich spoiled good looking kid that makes fun of the wrong witch and learns that life is not all about looks. He also realizes that the people he thought cared about him, were as shallow as he was.

His Belle eventually appears, but I think the part I loved the most about this book was everything before, when Kyle tries to better himself on his own and lives his sad little life, trying to find happiness in little things. I think it's actually a great read in regards to our own confinement.

The part where he says that his roses are literally the only thing he has left really strikes a chord with me, every time I read it. It's just so beautifully written, and you seriously feel it. His anger towards having his garden destroyed is a hundred percent justified.

And if you've seen the movie, read the book. Seriously. It should not come as a shock, as it often is, that the book is better than the movie.

So if you need distraction during the Holidays, go read Beastly!

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