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Sunday Reading - Every Day

Hey everyone,

Today was so crazy that I kinda almost forgot to upload today's suggestion.

Speaking of kinda crazy, this week's suggestion, the novel Every Day by David Levithan is just that, kinda crazy, but like, in a good way.

In Every Day, the main character only known as A wakes up every day in someone else's body. The only rules is that it's someone their own age and it's someone that lives in close vicinity to them.

And one day, A ends up in the body of Justin. Justin is a bit of a douche and he's been treating his girlfriend Rhiannon like crap. A skips school with her and they spend the whole day together. For the first time, A feels a strong connection with someone.

But A never had anyone they wanted to see again. How are they supposed to get in contact with her again without sounding like a complete lunatic. And if she does somehow believe them, how are they supposed to have a relationship if every day they change body.

If you're looking for a gender fluid character, A is a close contestant. When asked about their gender, A doesn't really think they have one, they're just the gender of the body they are in.

Also, A's growth in this book is beautiful. The choice they make at the end is heart breaking, but so self less. I seriously love this book. David Levithan really did a great job with this one.

I hope you'll fall for A the way that I did reading Every Day.

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