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Sunday Reading - I Hate Fairyland

Hi everyone,

Sorry, this comes in a little late. For this week's reading suggestion, I decided to go with an author and artist I adore, Skottie Young, and his comic book series I Hate Fairyland.

This comic book is about Gertrude, a young girl that falls into Fairyland. She's given a map, with instructions on how to go back home. She's excited, thinking she'll have fun adventures. Fast forward, it's like thirty years later and she's still stuck in Fairyland. And she is piiiiiissed.

So like, she destroys everything everywhere she goes, she's crazy, people are scared of her because she's done with everyone's bullshit. She's a thirty-something year old woman trapped in the body of a ten year old, and she's nowhere near getting out of the nightmare.

This comic book is super funny. It's seriously entertaining. Gertrude is epic. Skottie Young drawings are the bomb and Jean-François Beaulieu's coloring is on point, as it always is with Young's drawings.

The series is over, so you can read the whole thing without having to wait one month in between issues. I highly suggest it!

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