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Sunday Reading - I Hate You, Fuller James

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my Sunday reading recommendation. This week I decided to go with a fun light read by the ever awesome Kelly Anne Blount, I Hate You, Fuller James.

The plot is the high school plot. It's my jaaam. Smart girl helps struggling boy at school without telling other people, and of course, she doesn't like him in the beginning because of some misunderstanding. You've got all the element of a good young adult story, right there.

The story is written in Wren, the main girl, and Fuller, the main dude's POVs, so it's really fun to see where both characters are coming from and what's going on in their head. Especially at time when you know things the other doesn't know and you kinda wanna shake some sense into them.

This book also covers the more realistic side of things, like Wren thinking about money to pay for her camp and not taking things for granted. Often money stuff isn't really mentioned in stories, like it isn't an issue, but here it's introduced well. I think it puts a layer of realism to the story. It has every day struggles that teens would think about, so it makes it very relatable. This is something I suggest you do in your writing too, putting every day, slightly banal struggles, you know, not like my mother sold me to One Direction kind of problems, but, how am I going to pay for college struggles.

All in all, this book is a quick read and it's a fun read. If you want a feel good book, I Hate You, Fuller James' got you covered.

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