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Sunday Reading - Just One Day

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to suggest another young adult novel that I think is just a little gem and that's Just One Day by Gayle Foreman.

In this story Allyson goes on a trip to Paris. Allyson is a goodie-goodie girl. She never does anything crazy. But one day she meets Willem, a street actor and they click instantly. She runs from her organized trip and they spent a whole day and night together. But the next day, Willem has disappeared.

Why did he disappear? What happen exactly? Was any of it real?

I love this book because it's more than just a love story. There is a love story, but it's just a small part of the book. It's about self growth and finding yourself. Allyson meets a guy that she falls for, but then she loses him and she's left with many questions. While trying to find answers to these questions, she finds herself along the way.

There is also a sequel to that book, Just One Year in Willem's POV. You absolutely need to read it too because it answers everything.

All in all, I absolutely suggest these two books. They're beautifully wholesome.

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