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Sunday Reading - Lore Olympus

So like, oops. Totally got distracted with life yesterday and forgot to post this.


This week I've decided to be a little different, and suggest a webtoon, which is still on-going, so like maybe the ending will be catastrophic, but I highly doubt it, and for now it's pretty awesome. The webtoon is called Lore Olympus and it's by Rachel Smythe. You can read it for free if you download the Webtoon app.

If you don't know about webtoons, they're basically comics but specifically made to be read digitally. It's kinda like Wattpad but for comics.

Lore Olympus is a somewhat modern version of Persephone and Hades Greek mythology. Look guys, he's got dogs, a stable job and he's the least fuck-boy of the Greek gods. And Persephone is a cinnamon bun. You guys will love them, they're adorable.

The art is really gorgeous, Rachel Smythe has a very unique style that I truly enjoy looking at. The contrast in colors is always interesting, and the story is super addicting. You'll definitely binge read this story.

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