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Sunday Reading - Memories

Hey everyone,

This week I decided to share with you a collection of poems by Lang Leav titled Memories. Lang Leav has many collection of poems, but I decided to go with this one, mostly because it's the prettiest. I'm vain like that.

Sometimes poetry can be a little daunting, but modern poetry like Lang Leav does, is something a little bit more accessible for everyone, so I think it's a great collection to have if you want to have fun reading poetry.

Most of these poems are short. They also kind of pack a punch. They have something that makes you go

Sometimes you're in need of inspiration, you want to add depth to your characters' relationships... well Laug Leav's poem will provide you with just that. Each poems could be turned into a story. There's just something about them.

I remember one summer, I had taken that book to the beach and I skimmed through the pages, reading random poems from it to my friend. It was a nice day. We'd kind of stop and contemplate life in between each poems. I think it's the simplicity of these poems, that make them so good to me. They're simple, yet really captivating.

I hope you'll find as much inspiration from Memories as I did if you do read it!

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