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Sunday Reading - Phaedra's Love

Hi everyone,

This Sunday, I've decided to suggest a play to read, Phaedra's Love by Sarah Kane. You can also read Crave or 4.48 Psychosis by Kane, which are both excellent too. Anything she wrote, basically.

But let's focus on Phaedra's Love for today. If you will read this play, you will be... a little disturbed. Kane was good at disturbing with her writing, in the best kind of way.

She also excelled at dialogues, like raw, to the point, true, poignant, and just so darn quotable dialogues. I could literally quote every single lines of her play. Every word is heavy with meaning. Everything kinda makes you sit and think.

It's a play, and it's short, so Kane only had room for dialogues that would stick with you.

She had a way to describe depression without actually mentioning the word, and of writing about love, without it being, love stories really. Phaedra's Love is not a good love story, it's a sick kind of love, it's not good, and you know this and the characters know this, and it's just so. damn. good.

If you struggle with dialogues, read this play, and learn from it. Seriously. It's short and you'll be left a little weirded out and disturbed, but you won't forget this play, that I promise.

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