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Sunday Reading - Twisted Romance

Hey guys,

This week I decided to go the comic book way for my recommendation. Some of you might know that I work at a comic book shop, so obviously I had to recommend one at some point. But instead of suggesting some super hero stuff, or something more mainstream, I've decided to talk about Twisted Romance. This comic book is in fact a collection of stories. They're all, well, twisted romances.

It's essentially twelve different stories about love. They all have unique takes on romantic relationships.

I wanted to suggest this comic book, because I don't think it's talked about a lot in general, and to me, it was excellent, but also because I think it can be a very inspiring thing to read for you writers out there.

You have twelve different tales of love. You've got paranormal stories, young adult type of stuff, obvious toxic relationships, and metaphorical type of narratives. Four of these twelves stories are not even comic books, they're short stories. Personally, I think short stories are excellent to inspire, because usually, since they're short they leave out a lot of room for interpretation and for continuity. Often, they're like little sparks that can start a bigger fire.

So I hope you can find a spark in one of these twelve stories and that they can inspire you to create something of your own.

Happy reading, and see you tomorrow for more rambling.

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