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Sunday Reading - Warm Bodies

Hello everyone,

Since this is my last reading recommendation in 2020 and it's been a trainwreck of a year, I decided to suggest a post-apocalyptic story, which really represents the disaster this year was. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion is different kind of zombie story.

The main character in this story is R, a zombie. He doesn't remember his name before he was a zombie, he doesn't remember his life really, but he knows there was something else before. He's an aware zombie. It's interesting to see his sort of awakening in this book.

Beware, if you have issues with literal brain eating, maybe don't pick up this book. In Warm Bodies, zombies eat brains to experience the memories of the person, to be able to feel something. So our main boy R does it.

This book is really fun, but it's also a very interesting exercice in writing a different kind of narrator. He's eloquent in his head, but communications with other people is kind of a struggle.

This book is actually in a trilogy. I haven't read the other books because it dwells more into what caused the zombie apocalypse and I liked the search for humanity part of the first book, but I'll eventually read the rest. They also made a movie and I think it's a good adaptation.

So, before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, and this hell of a year is over, if you want to read about a world who's had a little more dramatic pandemic, go read Warm Bodies!

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