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Thursday Watching - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If you know me, you know that it's very shocking that I haven't suggested this TV show yet. Here's the thing though, because I'm always talking about it, I just thought I didn't necessarily need to suggest it. But, since it's fall, we're close to Halloween and I'm feeling nostalgic I wanted to talk about this show.

I hate picking favourites, but I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favourite show. I can't count how many times I've re-watched it.

This show is a gold mine of inspiration. You want witty banters, unbreakable friendships, character growth, surprising twists and turns, heart wrenching love stories... Buffy's got all of that. Okay, their wardrobe coud use a little up-dating, and there are some moments where it's a little dated, but in general, this show is the bomb.

Also, like Spuffy. I'm a Spuffy shipper. There is no universe where I don't ship Buffy and Spike together. I will go down with that ship. It is a painful, beautiful, perfect slow burn. I'd write a thesis on why it's Spike and not Angel for me.

So while the world is kinda burning at the moment, and everything seems to go wrong, go watch BTVS. It's not going to fix the problems, but you'll have a lot of fun for 7 seasons, I guarantee it.

I leave you with some beautiful Spike moments.

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1 Comment

An Kylee
An Kylee
Oct 23, 2020

I’ll make sure to check it out:)))

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