Thursday Watching - Extra-ordinary You

Hey guys!

I'm coming back this week with a k-drama. I just finished watching True Beauty and I'm not... happy. But, we saw a few characters from another k-drama I loved in it, so I decided to suggest that one instead, and that's Extra-ordinary You.

That k-drama is also based off a webtoon. Our main girl, Dan Oh basically realizes that... she's not actually the main girl. She's a secondary character in a manga. The writer doesn't want her to have a happily ever after, at least not the one she wants, but she'll do everything she can, to take control of her life.

I love this drama because it has a lot of layers, and because you have a sort of alternate universe kind of thing going on in there.

And it's kind of a tear-jerker.

But also, you have a main character who fights until the end to be in charge of her own destiny and it was just really nice to see.

I leave you with two clips. One with the guys the writer wanted Dan Oh to love and one with the guy she chose for herself.

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