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Thursday Watching - Firefly

Hello everyone,

This week's suggestion is another Joss Whedon creation that I love love love and that's the way too soon cancelled TV show Firefly.

Firefly is about a spaceship crew, who are essentially space pirate cowboys. Sometimes it feels like it's a western show, sometimes it feels like it's a sci-fi one, but always it feels like it's an awesome show.

Look, it's Whedon, so that means witty banters. I love witty banter. The only true problem with that show is that it's only one season. They made a movie afterwards, Serenity, that helped a bit with closure, but certainly not enough. Also, that movie was brutal in terms of death toll. Whedon spares no one's feelings.

You've got a crew of complex characters with their secrets and back stories. You got friendships and deceits, and loyalties, and loving relationships and people pinning for each other, and it's just a gold mine of character building.

If you have not watched this show yet, go do it now. It's 14 episodes. You can easily watch it in one weekend.

I leave you with a little compilation of funny moments.

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