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Thursday Watching - Healer

Hey guys,

Healer. Seriously. If you watch k-dramas and you've never seen that one, you've made an epic mistake. If you don't watch k-drama, it's no reason to not watch this one. It's amazing. A-MAY-ZING.

Healer is the code name of our main character. He's a night courier. Basically, for the right fee he'll deliver any package for you. It's usually something illegal. Cops are looking for him. But he's really good at his job, so he's never been close to getting caught.

Enters our main girl, with a connecting back story to him, who mixes up with the wrong people, the same people our Healer is having troubles with at the moment. So he teams up with her, without, you know, actually telling her they're teaming up.

Trust me, this show is a must. It's filled with action, Ji-Chang-wook, humor, romance, Ji Chang-wook, intrigue, Ji Chang-wook, wait did I mention Ji Chang-wook? Ji-Chang-wook is the definition of badass precious little bean. Like, he'll kick everyone's ass, but look at you with puppy dog eyes afterwards.

You seriously need to watch this k-drama.

I'll leave you with two videos. One funny. And one adorable.

And go watch the show afterwards. Seriously, I wish I could watch Healer for the first time again.

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