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Thursday Watching - Lost Romance

No k-dramas this time, for this recommendation, I'm suggesting a Taiwanese drama that I watched last week, and it's Lost Romance.

Our main girl Xiao'en is an editor for romance novels. She has a little crush on a CEO working in the building next to hers, Tianxing, but of course, she's never talked to the guy. But she ends up seeing him, well almost get killed, and before she can go tell the police about what she saw, she falls into a coma.

And into the latest romance novel she's been editing. She doesn't know how it ends though and all the details. But she knows the big lines of any romance novel. And the main guy, Situ Aoran, well... he looks exactly like Tianxing. So homegirl is about to try to get the main lead gig at any cost.

This drama guys. The second lead syndrome is STRONG with this drama. Like, it's brutal. Qing Feng is the good guy through all the drama. He's... ugh. It starts off that he likes the original main girl Chuchu, and Xiao'en and him decide to team up to break Aoran and Chuchu. But like, he's always on Xiao'en side, even when Aoran doubts every single little thing Xiao'en does.

Real talk, I LOVE Qing Feng and I like Tianxing. I don't like Aoran. And I adore Xiao'en. That girl is CRAY-CRAY. Like I was laughing alone like a lunatic. She had no chill.

Honestly, all I want now is to write a novel of that drama, but go a completely different way. Qing Feng's way. I've been thinking about that too much now.

I leave you with two clips. One of my main boo stuck as second lead, and one of the main lead that's a little spoilery.


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