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Thursday Watching - Misfits

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to another edition of Thursday Watching. I wasn’t sure what to put this week. I figured I couldn’t just put k-dramas all the time because some of you might not like them (I mean, why? But whatever ;P)

So this week I’m going in a different direction and suggest a British TV show called Misfits. It is a clusterfuck of ridiculousness. Basically, a group of five young adults doing community service as sentences for their crimes, get caught in a lightning storm and gain superpowers.

If you want witty one liners, great characters, and an interesting plot, you’ll have fun with this one. If any of you watched The Umbrella Academy and love Klaus, Robert Sheehan essentially plays the same characters in this one, just with less filter and less beard. He left the show around the third series (season), so after that the show did lose a bit of it’s spark, but it’s still a great show all in all.

I must warn you though, it’s very vulgar and it’s definitely not PG-13 so young folks stay clear of this one.

The reason why I suggest this TV show is because of dialogues. I know some of you struggle with this in your writing, in trying to write good dialogues, and this show has great ones. I always like to have witty banter between my characters and listening to dialogues from a show like Misfits can definitely help you to achieve that.

And all in all, it’s just a very entertaining show. Oh and it also has a lot of good songs in it. You’ll find yourself Googling the lyrics to find them, I promise.

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