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Thursday Watching - Mr Queen

I've been looking forward to suggest this one. I wanted to wait for it to be over so I could actually know how it ended, in case it was catastrophic. It was and it wasn't.

Anyway, this week, I'm going to talk about my unhealthy obsession with this k-drama called Mr Queen.

I don't think words can fully express how much I loooooooved this show.

It’s about Jang Bong-hwan the head chef at the Blue House who gets tangled in scheme by a corrupt dude and he falls off a pool by running away from the cops. This is modern day for him. But when he wakes up from the fall he’s in the body of Kim So-yong the queen-to-be in the Joseon Dynasty. It’s as crazy as it sounds. So our dear main character has to find a way to go back to his time, through schemes and plots and attempted assassinations.

This show is a comedy, and it’s hilarious. It’ll make you laugh. But it will also break your goddamn heart.

The relationship build up between our Mr Queen and the King is freaking amazing. You’ll root for them so damn hard. The chemistry between these two characters is off the chart. Honestly, if someone told me I could only watch k-dramas with them as the lead I’d be very very happy. Shin Hye-sun is a phenomenal actress. She deserves all the awards.

And I cried like a bitch at the end. Like. I had to pause to cry.

So. You absolutely need to watch this. I leave you with three clips. One to get a general serious feel. The second to get the funnier side of it. And the last one to slightly spoil you.


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