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Thursday Watching - New Girl

Hey everyone,

This is it. My last post of 2020. Today I'm suggesting the kind of TV show that's just entertaining as heck and too easy to binge watch, and that's New Girl. I loooove New Girl. It's just so funny.

The relationship between the characters is really what makes this show so good. And honestly, I adore all of them. I'm not disappointed if an episode is a little bit more centered on any of them. They're all so well fleshed out and interesting and fun. When you're writing your own stories and creating your own characters, you should try to go as much in depth with them as they do with the characters from New Girl.

The bromances are as good as the romances. All of the characters are rooting for each other. They're all flawed, sometimes kind of bad people, but they're real and that's what makes this show so fun.

Also, I adore Schmidt on a level that's probably problematic, and like he does too much stuff that I do and that's disturbing. (PARKOUR and cleaning freak pop to mind) Also, Douche Bag Jar? I wished I had thought about something like that for my own stories.

So, I leave you with Schmidt clips because he amuses me too much, and I hope that you watch this show and are as entertained as I was when I watched it.

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