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Thursday Watching - Sense8

Hey guys,

With my latest Weird and Weirder uploads I've had a lot of people pointing out that they're enjoying the representation from the LGTBQ+ community, and that's why I decided to suggest Sense8 as a series to watch this week.

If you want diversity, you're kind of hitting the jackpot with that one.

I was really disappointed that they cancelled this series. I know it cost a lot of money to shoot because it was set in so many locations , but I really loved it and got super invested in the 8 main character's lives.

Basically in Sense8 is about individuals that are more than human. At a certain point of time, 8 people all around the world, born at the exact same time end up being connected mentally. They can hear, see and feel what the other people in their group hear, see and feel. They can communicate together and share each other's skills. So if one of them can speak a certain language, now all of them can. If one of them can fight, all of them can. There are sensates all over in this world, but they've been hunted down by a corporation. So our eight main characters have to evade this corporation while also learning how to coexist together.

The concept of that show was super interesting and you end up falling in love with all the characters. And as I mentioned earlier, there's a lot of sexual diversity, but none of these characters are defined by that, and that's something I think was super well done. Their sexuality is not their only redeeming quality. They're complex interesting characters who also happen to be from marginalized groups, but it's not the only thing that defines them.

I'll leave you with a trailer and highly suggest you watch this show if you don't already have:

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