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Thursday Watching - Tempted

Hi everyone,

Because I can't stay away from k-dramas for too long, this week's recommendation is a favourite of mine; Tempted or The Great Seducer.

It's based on a French novel called Les liaisons dangereuses (The Dangerous Liaisons) by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. In the novel, it's basically two manipulative ex-lovers who use seduction to play people around them. I actually saw a play of that novel once, and it was good, but like messed up.

Anyway, the k-drama is different. It's a similar premise. Basically, a group of three friends always has each other's back and messes with anyone that messes with them. The girl of the group Choi Soo-ji is dumped by her boyfriend. To hurt him, she enlists Kwon Shi-hyun to seduce the girl her ex likes, so they can hurt him.

All a little complicated, and kind of a bad plan if you really think about it, but honestly it's really, really good.

The friendship between the three characters is really nice. I love their interaction and I love when you have those tight knit kind of friends in a story. Their relationship is definitely something you can use to inspire you when you write your own story and create your own group of friends.

I know a lot of people apparently didn't enjoy that k-drama and I seriously don't get it. It's so good.

I'll leave you with an epic edit of it. I love it because it puts one of my favourite parts from it, when it's like seriously dramatic and Shi-hyun wishes: Please don't let Tae-Hee ever forgive me. Please give me a very big punishment. So, so good. I love it when it's dramatic and mushy like that.

See you guys soon! :D

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Marah A.A.
Marah A.A.
Sep 22, 2020

You're the only person on Instagram whom I watch the live stream for.

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