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Thursday Watching - The Beauty Inside

This week, I once again stay in my comfort zone and suggest another Korean little gem, the movie The Beauty Inside.

This is in the same vein as the book Every Day I suggested earlier, so if you read it an enjoyed it, I definitely recommend this movie.

Basically our main character wakes up with a new face every day. He doesn't take over someone's life, he just wakes up with a new body. It can be a man, a woman, an elder or a child. Every day is a surprise.

And evidently, our main character falls for this girls and tries to have her be a part of his life, amidst its craziness.

It's a really fun movie, a little sad at times too. The soundtrack is super good. And the cast is

They also made a TV show with the same title and a similar premise. It's pretty good too, if you need more stuff to watch.

I leave you with the trailer! Enjoy!

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