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Thursday Watching - The Good Place

Hi everyone,

Welcome back! This week I decided to talk about The Good Place because I just finished the last season and I'm feeling a little dead inside because of it, you know that hollow feeling you get when you just finished a really, really good show or book? Yeah.

The Good Place is amazing. I really dont want to spoil anything, but basically in this TV show, the main character Eleanor just died and she arrives at the good place, the equivalent of heaven, but here's the catch, she's not supposed to be there. There was an obvious mix-up. But why would she tell the truth if that means getting sent to the bad place? She wouldn't, because she's kind of a bad, selfish person. Instead, she decides to do everything in her power to learn about being a good person and not get caught.

It's really funny, and there are a lot of twists and turns. It's a funny show, it's a sad show, it's a cute show, it's a great show. The episodes are short, there are only four seasons, but they pretty much cover everything they need to cover. You can binge watch that show in a weekend.

I leave you with funny moments from my favourite character in the show; Jason. I adore him, ADORE him.

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