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Thursday Watching - Tonight You're Mine (You Instead)

Ah. Sorry. Late again.

As we're still in the middle of a pandemic at the moment and I've been thinking about the things I missed from "normal" life, I was thinking about concerts and festivals.

If you're like me and you're missing listening to music in a big crowd, then watch Tonight You're Mine to get an inkling of that feeling again.

This movie is about Adam, a singer from a popular band. He's at a festival, he's scheduled to do a big show on the big scene, and he runs into Morello, a singer from a girl punk band that's not very known. They argue and the way a security guy decides to fix that problem is to handcuff them together.

And so they spend the better part of the weekend trying to find the guy so he can uncuff them. They have to do a show together. And they argue, but they also have fun and end up getting to know each other better and just connecting.

So, the production for this movie is... a little cheap? It was shot in like five days during an actual festival. I actually like that about it. It gives the movie a little something, like videos taken from normal people from an actual festival.

There's just something about it, showing the way you often end up connecting with people at shows like that, even if it's just for a brief period of time. Festivals are like on another dimension. It's like a world of it's own.

And honestly, that movie is just a Wattpad story waiting to be written. Actually, there's probably a Wattpad story written about something like this already.

Oh and the soundtrack is like really really good. Luke Treadaway who plays Adam is a very very good singer. Ans Natalia Tena too!

It's a little cheesy, it's a little cliché, but it's entertaining and I definitely recommend it.

I leave you with a clip of Adam and Morello stuck together during Morello's show. It's the moment when you see that they realize they actually work well together. It's the first time they have actual sparks and they notice it. It's probably my favourite part of the movie. Oh and also the clip for You Instead, the song for the movie. Cuz it's so so good.

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