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Thursday Watching - White Collar

Hey everyone,

So, during my quarantine I binge a few Blacklist episodes and it made me think about White Collar, a TV show I absolutely loved (Red in Blacklist is a mix of Neal + Mozzie from White Collar, I'll fight anyone on this).

Gotta be honest, Red is probably the only one I genuinely always like in Blacklist, oh and Dembe, but in White Collar I loved everyone. All the characters had a lot more redeeming qualities.

Anyway, case in point, White Collar is about Neal, an art thief, counterfeiter, and all around conman, who becomes the criminal consultant of the FBI agent who's been chasing him for years. But of course, there's a reason why Neal let himself be arrested, and he'll have to keep on doing illegal things if he want to stay one step ahead of the FBI.

The show went on for 6 seasons, and the big intrigues were always fun, but the little cons of the week were always amusing too.

Neal is just, too good a conman, really. And Neal and Peter are like, the epitome of bromance.

I leave you with a video of little funny moments.

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