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Welcome home!

Hi there,

Take a seat. Get comfortable. The reason why I've gathered you all here today is because we have some stuff to talk about. 

For the last ten years, I've turned Wattpad into my cybernetic home. It's the place where my writing has flourished. I've honed my skills as a writer and I've found my voice there. I wouldn't be where I am as a writer if it hadn't been for Wattpad. I wouldn't have thought it to be possible for me to actually do anything with my stories without this website. 

Still, like any child that grows up at one point you need to move out of the house that saw you grow if you want to find yourself and keep growing.

This might sound like this is me announcing that I'm leaving Wattpad. It isn't. What I'm trying to say is that I've been on Wattpad for ten years, and though I've had a couple of opportunities because of it, nothing concrete has happened in the sense of getting my work published. For the longest time I've just lived off this fantasy that having my stories up on Wattpad would be enough for me to magically have a book deal. I'm finally accepting that this won't happen. I need to start making new steps towards realizing my dream.

Wattpad has changed in many ways over the last few years. I know my way of storytelling has evolved too. Still, there's something I've always loved doing and that's interacting with you guys. It feels like writing long-winded author notes isn't the way to go anymore on Wattpad. 

So I've felt like creating a new space for me to share news about my stories, and me and about things that I love would be a good idea. This is where this website comes into play. 

I have ideas about book clubs and book reviews, about sneak peeks and outtakes, about a dozen different ideas and projects I would like to share. This feels like a good space to start.

So I hope that you will follow me in my journey and come give this website some love. 

This is definitely not me saying goodbye to Wattpad or to you guys. It's just a small step in a different direction. I hope you will take my hand and follow me.

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1 Comment

Melanie Sargsian
Melanie Sargsian
Sep 08, 2020

I’m so happy to be here! Congratulations on your new platform! Yuhuuuu! I’ve been a fan of your writing since forever and I’m soooo so exited for what’s to come for you! I hope to hug your published books one day, because you absolutely deserve it! Fighting! 💜

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