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Monday Rambling - Computer Crashing and Research

Hey guys!

A Monday Rambling post uploaded on Monday? What is this sorcery?

I had issues with my computer yesterday. It shut down twice for literally no reason. I'm slightly worried now. It made me remember that I need more back-ups of my stories. I actually used to have all of my stories on a flash drive. That was also slightly dangerous because if I lost the flash drive, I lost all of my stories. I Sold Myself to the Devil... was on it. For two years, everywhere I went I had that flash drive on me, and if I didn't have my laptop but access to another computer, I'd plug that bad boy and write instead of doing whatever it was I was supposed to do on that computer.

A lot of school projects were written poorly because of that.

Hopefully, my computer is going to stop being stupid and everything will be okay. I've been pressing those CTRL + S keys a little too obsessively in the last day.

In other news, I ordered two books about the Georgian and Regency Periods in England for that historical book I'm supposed to write for Eve. I just got them. I'm super excited to dive into them and start writing.

I actually love doing research for any new story I write. I used to lose a worrying amount of time when I was writing in-class essays in the famous people's section of my dictionary. I distinctively remember spending at the very least half an hour just reading the little biographies of people during my state sanction final philosophy exam in CEGEP instead of writing the essay. I have problems.

I love doing research, but sometimes I get a little obsessive and like I can get into a mood where I google everything I write, worried that it might not be factual, for instance with Life in Paintings. Even if it's kind of a fantasy world, I find myself researching way too many things about France in the 1840s. Before I started to write Life in Paintings I think I borrowed all of the books in my university's library that even just slightly mentioned Gustave Courbet.

It can be slightly problematic because sometimes I get stuck in the research phase, worried about every single little detail and I don't write. I'm crossing my fingers that I won't be doing that with my new silly book.

Anyway, I should go back to writing and researching now. Thanks for sticking around!

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