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Monday Rambling - Establishing a Routine and Reading More

Hey guys!

Last week I was back to living in my own apartment. It was strange because I've been a lot less productive than I wanted. Sure, I worked more than I was supposed to, but I also kept falling asleep at the foot of my bed and waking up at the absolute last minute to get to work.

One of the things I wanted this year is to come up with a routine that's more productive so I can have an actual uploading schedule. I'm having a hard time following through with that though.

It's difficult to reconcile th fact that my writing should be a full time job, but I also have a full time job at the same time. And I also get distracted easily. I'll watch a show while I eat dinner and then instead of writing I'll watch another episode, and another episode, until it's too late and I have to go to sleep. I have very little self control. And every time I do something like that I feel bad after.

I don't have it in me to be a productive person with only three hours of sleep in my system anymore. It's a very sad realization.

Another thing I want to change is the fact that I haven't been reading enough. A lot of the books I've suggested in my Sunday Reading posts are books I had already read. When I started to do these posts it's because I wanted to read one book a week and do a little review of it afterwards. That's not what happened.

I've always had two speeds when it comes to reading: binge reading or not reading at all. I really need to find a balance between that. Basically I need to accept the fact that once again, I can't pull all-nighters binge-reading entire series anymore.

Are you guys the same with reading? It feels like I was such a better reader when I was younger.

I need to come up to a more livable way of juggling between working, writing and reading, while also allowing myself to be a little bit lazy, so that when I do let myself be lazy, I don't actually feel bad about it.

So here it is. I want to read more books, upload more consistently, finish more stories, and just generally waste less time.

Do you guys also struggle with establishing a schedule for yourselves? Especially with classes being online and everything being derailed, I can't be the only one struggling with my routine.

I'll leave you alone now, I have a pile of books I need to read, a hundred Word files open I need to work on and I need to do that sleeping thing I appear to need more of now.

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1 Comment

Priya Durai
Priya Durai
Jan 19, 2021

This is like reading my diary. I struggled with wanting to be organised and in the end started hating myself for being less productive. So I gave up on wanting to be organised.I go with the flow.I m happy now.I am more productive now.Being happy helps in being productive than being organised.You are not made to be organised Kay(I think you have an inferior Te function- mbti like me).🤩😍

Your last update ' Life in Paintings' was one of your best chapter.I can wait a decade for your updates. Fighting 💪

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