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Monday Rambling - Shopping and Impromptu Ideas

Hi everyone!

Today was a busy day. I started my Holiday shopping.

I had already bought a couple of things for my family, but today I tried getting it all done. Because the Holidays will, well not be as they usually are, I don't have that many presents to get, so I'd been putting it off. I have to buy a lot of cards though.

2020, man. I love Christmas time, I love the cheesy songs and the snow and the presents and going back home to see my family, going to cut firewood on our estate and doing puzzles and playing with my nephew. I don't know what this year is going to look like. I do know that the last time I hugged my grandfather was last Christmas. I won't get to see him this year. I won't have physically seen him, only Facetimed him in 2020. I might drive by his house and wave at him, but I won't have dinner at his house with my aunts and uncles and cousins. I know that in the grand scheme of things, I don't have it so bad, but it still sucks. I hope you guys are healthy and so is your family and that you're fairing well despite everything.

Heck, I haven't even heard Wham!'s Last Christmas out in the wild yet. What a disgrace!

Anyway, in other news yesterday after going for a walk in a park, Eve and I went back home and we finally did my list for my 29th birthday. Every year for my birthday I do a little list of things I want to accomplish during my year. Usually we do it with all my friends in a bar, and we always have to write the list on a napkin. Instead last night, we ordered take-out and I wrote my list on a napkin. I'm fairly happy with the list, but doing that we started to talk about other things and going on tangents and we legit came up with an idea for a story, but like we were pitching two ways the story could go, and I think I want to write it at one point and write the two versions, so it would be two stories, the first few chapters are exactly the same, but everything changes at a certain chapter and the story goes in different directions in both books.

It was so crazy coming up with ideas like that, I felt like when I was sharing my notebooks with my friends and they'd come up with scenarios and different ideas for what would happen next.

It reminded me that writing is often a lonely endeavor, but it doesn't always have to be. Sure, the writing usually happens while you're alone, but the creating it, that's different.

I really hope that in the up-coming weeks I'm going to be able to follow the goals I have set for myself so that I can start 2021 with good news for you guys, and a LOT more uploading.

With these words, I leave you alone. See you soon!

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