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Monday Rambling - Wattys and Aunty

Hi everyone,

If I’m posting recommendations on Thursday and Sunday, Mondays are going to be to keep you guys up to date with what’s going on with my writing and my life. One thing I’ve seen people comment on I Sold… is how a lot of you enjoyed my rambling author notes.

Wattpad has evolved now and my writing too, so it feels like this would be a better place to share what’s up with me and keep you guys in the loop.

So, here it goes.

It’s the Wattys season right now and that gets me a little down because I can’t put any of my stories up for it. The Wattys are opened to everyone everywhere in the world except people from Quebec.

It sucks. But there’s a contest that popped up recently that’s for Canadian residents and Quebeckers are allowed, so don’t freak if you see a new story appear on my page soon, because I want to try participating in it. I’m not sure what story to upload for it though. It has to be for teens between 13 and 17. I’ve been writing more mature stuff lately, so I’m trying to change stuff I’ve worked on to make it more “teen friendly”.

I’m really glad Wattpad offered that contest, because it sucks to always miss out on the Wattys now.

I’m also trying to finish Life in Paintings this year. I don’t know if any of you read it, but I really love that story, and I love Gustave and it just feels like if I kick myself in the butt, I can get it done fast. Any of you read it? Is there a painting you’d like to see Melody in?

I’d like to start uploading more frequently again. I know I’m always saying this but I really miss like, when I was uploading I Sold in the beginning super often, and when I was uploading Claire Years and Holt Conundrum every day. Those were such fun times. I need to have more discipline in my writing.

Otherwise, life’s good. I don’t think I’ve talked about this much, but my sister has two kids. I'm legally a cool aunt.

I haven’t been able to see my nephew and my niece much because of the pandemic and that sucks. Both are under 2, but her oldest is starting to babble a little more comprehensibly and I miss his little munchkin face. She sends me videos every day, but it’s not the same. How are you guys holding up in the parts of your worlds with the pandemic?

I guess the ramblings shall stop here. I'm still trying to figure things out for the format of this particular post. Tell me if I bore you.

See you guy Thursday for some recommendations. I'll got back to writing Weird and Weirder now. That's my next upload.

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