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Sunday Reading - In Love & Pajamas

Hi everyone!

For this Valentine's Day I decided to go with a cute recommendation for a light and happy read, and that's the comic collection In Love & Pajamas by Catana Chetwynd.

In Love & Pajamas is a collection of small comic strips and every day simple moments between couples. It's a really adorable read.

I wanted to suggest this comicbook, yes because it's about love and today's Valentine's Day, but also to inspire you if you're a writer like me.

This book depicts little every day life moments, like forcing your significant other to watch a show just so you can talk about it together, or annoying them by repeating you love them when they're not listening.

It's really about small, technically insignificant moments. But it's these moments all added together that make a love stronger in my opinion.

I also always think that it's the little gestures that really reel in your readers, it's the simple moments, not just the big ones.

And really, this book just puts a smile on your face. It's super cute.

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