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Thursday Watching - Dollhouse

At this point, this section is going to end up being k-dramas and everything Joss Whedon created. I apologize.

This week I've decided to suggest another of Whedon's little gems and that's the TV show Dollhouse.

The premise of this show is that there is an organisation called the Dollhouse. They have the technology to wipe someone's memories clean and implant them new ones. And rich people can rent a person and put whatever memories they want in them. Maybe it's their death wife's memories, maybe it's a scientist, maybe it's a secret agent, or a very kinky person. The actives as they are called can become whatever the client want them to be. Our main girl, Caroline-slash-Echo traded five years of her life as an active to get out of trouble. But she's got a little skill no one could predict, not even her. She remembers.

This TV show doesn't have the best of reviews and it's definitely not perfect, but god damn was it addictive. Why do I love this show so much? Because of the cast. This cast is fucking spectacular. They are all such amazing actors, it's crazy. They had to switch, basically every episode into a new person, and they did such an amazing job at it. And you basically get attached to everyone and you end up loving some of the people you hated and hate some of the ones you loved. It's a rollercoaster and it's amazing.

And I loved the whole Echo storyline, but I have a very specific soft spot for Victor and Sierra. I violently shipped them together.

So, if you haven't, I definitely suggest checking out this show. I'll leave you with one video of Sierra and Victor, because everything else I found that was good was way too spoilery. This is a little spoilery too, but it shouldn't ruin anything.

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