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Thursday Watching - Faith

Oh gosh. Do you guys know what day of the week it is? Because apparently I did not, and I forgot to make my post on Thursday.

I have like no grasp on the concept of days at the moment. This realization made me think about a time, about 7 years ago when I started to watch k-dramas and I basically stopped interacting with the outside world. Like, I literally shut myself off in my room and binged an unhealthy amount of them. I almost lost friends over it. True story.

One of the k-dramas I watched the most was Faith. I think it was the first Lee Min-ho k-drama I watched actually. So, no joke, I think I've re-watch that drama... oh easily twenty times, on like Dramafever, that's how long ago it was.

I have an obsession with anything with time-travel or parallel universes. And Faith is a time-travel drama. Our main girl is a plastic surgeon from our time. Our main guy is Choi Young, a big deal general during the Goryeo period, a real historical figure actually, not a made up one. Our main guy travels through a gate to go find a divine healer to save the future queen, without knowing that the gate is not a gate to heaven but a gate to the future.

And so, our girl wants to go back to her own time and our guy just wants to sleep and be left alone and stop being used as a pawn by kings. And they help each other and obviously fall in love.

Our main girl is book smart, but she's not exactly street smart so it's fun to see her navigate in a strange world. She gets better with time.

Oh also, super powers. Yeah. You'll see.

It's cheesy. It's reaaaaal cheesy. This is an old k-drama, okay, so like, think cheesy, and then multiply that by 12. But it's so good. In my mind, it's a classic. And if you like Lee Min-ho and haven't watched it, you're missing out big time.

I leave you with clips from Faith, with Carry On by ALi, the official song of the drama. That song rips my heart.

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