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Thursday Watching - Gilmore Girls

Hi everyone,

I hadn't suggested this show yet because in my head, it's such a classic that everyone has seen it, but if you're one of the few unlucky ones that do not know about this masterpiece, this week I suggest you watch Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls is about Lorelei and her daughter Rory. Lorelei is from a rich family, but she got pregnant when she was a teenager and cut ties with her parents in order to raise Rory on her own. But now, Rory wants to go to a private school to have more chances to get into Harvard, her dream college, so Lorelei has to make a deal with her parents; money to pay for tuition in exchange for a Friday night dinner and letting them be a part of her life.

It's not a complicated set up. It's not a murder and mystery kind of thing. It's just every day life and funny and bittersweet moments.

Lorelei is sharp wit and zingy dialogues. Rory often plays the adult in the relationship. I'm pretty sure a lot of my characters personalities come from this show. Blake's got a lot of Jess. I used to watch this show when it was on air. I watch it usually about once a year. It's comforting.

Also, the ships. Oh the ships. I'm a Jess girl. To me, Jess is Rory's Luke and Logan is Rory's Christopher. Jess knows Rory, really knows her. He was young and foolish at first, but he's the one that actually gets her at the end of the day.

So yeah, if you want to laugh and cry and hear more pop culture references than normal people can actually understand, watch Gilmore Girls.

I leave you with my forever ship Jess and Rory (seriously, Jess was one of my first TV crushes) and some Lorelei humor.

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