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Thursday Watching - Hart of Dixie

Hey guys,

This week, I'm trying to recommend something other than a k-drama so I decided to suggest Hart of Dixie.

Hart of Dixie is about Zoe Hart, a doctor from New York that doesn't get the fellowship she wanted because she's... well kinda rude. So, she doesn't have a job in any hospital, but an old doctor offered her a job at a local clinic in Bluebell Alabama once, so she jumps on that opportunity. And she kinda finds out that that old man was her father, but he's dead now. And she's inherited half of his practice.

So this is a city gal learning how to live in a small southern town, a very very southern town.

I love this show for may reasons. For one, it's set in the South and it just reminds me of my time in Texas and it's a kind of homey feeling that I love. Also, the characters are funny and you basically end up rooting for everybody.

And well. Zoe and Wade. Really. Wade is the idiot you're not supposed to root for, technically. But the writers made such a good job with him, that you do. I don't know if what they did with his character was their plan all along, or if it's just because he was too fun, and the chemistry was there, but yeah. Wade and Zoe.

I leave you with a compilation of funny moments.

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1 Comment

LOVE THIS SHOW!! Literally got my hooked during the first episode.

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