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Thursday Watching - I Hear Your Voice

Hi everyone,

This week I'm back with a k-drama, because there's just never enough of them. I Hear Your Voice is a favourite of mine. It's the first k-drama I watched with Lee Jong Suk as the lead, (I had watched Secret Garden just before so it wasn't my first drama with him) and I just adored it.

The premise is that our main character can read people's thoughts. When he was a kid, his father was killed by a man, and he saw everything happen. The man almost killed him, but a young girl was passing by at the same moment and inadvertently saved him. And during the trial, when it seemed like the man that killed his father was going to get away with it, she came to give a statement and made sure he would go to prison.

So, fast forward, years later, our main girl is now a lawyer and our main guy is almost out of high school. He's been looking for her, to help her like she helped him. And his little reading mind trick is helpful when you're a lawyer.

So, like, there are so many twists and turns in this k-drama it'll give you whiplash, but it is so so so good. They're so adorable together. They make each other better and they care for each other.

I leave you with a clip that's cute, but also as un-spoilery as I could find (which was hard because everyone was spoiling everything)

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