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Thursday Watching - Vagabond

Hi guys,

Going the safe way with some good k-drama to entertain you this week. Vagabond is about a uncle who's nephew died in a plane crash. The plane is supposed to have been caused by a plane malfunction, but our main guy Dal Geon finds out that the plane's crash might have been planned all along. Mentioning this will bring the bad guys to his door.

What these bad guys might not realize just yet though, is that Dal Geon is a stuntman. And he's a lot more dangerous than he seems.

In this show, everyone is corrupted and most of the time, you think there's no way for the main characters to win, because everyone in power is bad. Rings any bells at the moment?

The only problem with this show is the way it ended. It needs a second season. That was way too much of an open ending for my taste. It felt rushed, kinda like Iljimae's ending (another k-drama masterpiece). So, basically, I want y'all to watch this show and suffer with me, while we wait for a second season that might never happen.

Also, like I loved, loved Gu Family Book so it was fun to have our two leads together again.

I leave you with a Cha Dal Geon + Go Hae Ri clip because these two are obviously adorbs.

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